Ginger the Frog is a fun and interactive wellness program supporting healthy emotions in children aged 3-7 years.

‘Give me a child until they’re seven and I will show you the adult’ Aristotle.

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Early childhood is the most critical time in our development for moulding cognitive, emotional and physical behaviour that is played out in our later life.

During the last few years, many young children have endured continual disruption in their lives, due to natural disasters and the pandemic and as a result their emotional development has been affected. For many this has been the majority of their short lives.

The Ginger the Frog Program supports children to learn to regulate their emotions, dissolve stress in their body and cultivate empathy, creativity and positivity.

We achieve this through our use of four pillars:

Somatic Self Care | Mindfulness | Positive Psychology | Neuroplasticity
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We address these four pillars, through using theatre, story, music, song and wellness exercises. Throughout the program, Ginger the Frog encourages children to form familiar habits which are empirically and scientifically proven to develop physical and emotional well-being.

The program also creates a dialogue between adults and children because the exercises are just as beneficial for both.

Highlights from the 2022 Tour 

Ginger The Frog: My Super Power toured in 2022 throughout Coffs Harbour, Nambucca and Hawkesbury.

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