Ginger the Frog is a fun and interactive wellness program supporting healthy emotions in children aged 3-7 years.

During the last three years, many young children have endured disruption in their lives due to natural disasters and the pandemic and as a result their emotional development has been affected.

 We’re excited to be offering  a program for children and their care-givers that supports mental and emotional well being at this critical time.

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” Aristotle.

The Ginger the Frog program supports children from 3-7 years to regulate their emotions, dissolve stress in their body and cultivate empathy, creativity and confidence. This is achieved through the magic of theatre, storytelling, music, song, movement, concepts and exercises that create familiar habits, proven to develop physical and emotional well-being.

The program has two parts:

A musical theatre show
for 3-7 years

Free wellness programs for kids and their caregivers

Part 1

 My superpower is touring in October 2022 in Coffs Harbour, Nambucca, Hawkesbury!

My Superpower is a live musical theatre show, which stars a nervous young frog called Ginger as she navigates life. My Superpower uses the influence of story, the excitement of live theatre and the power of songs to inspire and entertain.

 My Superpower showcases emotions such as anger, disappointment, frustration and fear as well as empathy, confidence, positivity, courage and grit. It includes exercises which encourage children to identify and regulate their own emotions and feelings.

The show is a work of high quality children’s theatre that features four actors, puppets, animation and a variety of original songs from genres including surf-rock, hip-hop, dub reggae, folk and 70’s disco.

More information is available here about us and the show

book your tickets for the show here

Part 2

Available from October 2022

We are offering free workshops in your area this October!

A free morning of family fun including a BBQ

This event will focus on creative wellbeing themes through creative drama for our children from 3-7 years and their caregivers. Older siblings are welcome to attend

Caregiving Consciously workshop

This free workshop is about how to embrace a new parenting paradigm and introduces  concepts and exercises that support the wellbeing of parents and caregivers which is beneficial for anyone who looks after young children.

The Ginger the Frog Wellness Program for kids comprises of:

1. Nine stories presented in a partly animated, digital storybook.
2. A play list of wellness songs and creative visualisations.
3. A parenting guide and wall charts.

On line courses available from October 2022.

 Feel free to visit our website for more info.

“Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man” Aristotle.

If you’re passionate about supporting your child’s emotional well being and your own and excited to take the opportunity to learn more in these free events please book below

Tickets for the musical theatre show

Free morning of family fun with a bbq

Free Caregiving Consciously well being workshop

The Ginger the Frog Story

The Cobargo Wellness Group was founded in early 2020 in response to the Black Summer bushfire crisis that heavily impacted Cobargo and NSW. The Cobargo Wellness Group (CWG) is a non-profit organisation that provides emotional, mental and physical support to individuals and communities to support them to thrive after crisis and beyond.

The Cobargo Wellness Group recognises and pays respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, their ancestors, the Elders past, present and emerging from the different First Nations across this country. We acknowledge that we are based on Yuin Country on the Sapphire Coast, NSW

Our organisation is passionate about wellbeing, creativity, art and community development and we admire and pay respect to the importance of connection to land, culture, spirituality, family and community for the wellbeing of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We acknowledge and know deeply that this Land was never ceded.