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The Ginger Digital Wellness Program

By the Cobargo Wellness Group

The Ginger the Frog Program is an entertaining and interactive and wellness program supporting healthy emotions in children aged 3-7 years and their carers.

Does your child have feelings of anxiety and overwhelm?

Does your child lack focus and confidence?

Is bed time a nightmare in your house?

Then The Ginger Digital Wellness program is just what your family needs.

If you’d like to start your journey with us,

Ginger’s bed time routine.

  • The bed time song, ‘You were born Inside a Star’ and downloadable poster.
  • Sweet dreams – A guided visualisation to help your child feel calm, process the day and drift into sleep.
  • Ginger’s bedtime routine – Simple solutions to create an easy rhythm at bedtime and peaceful sleep.
  • Good morning! A beautifully crafted morning meditation for the whole family to kick start a wonderful day.

The Show is touring
in October 2022

Your child before the Ginger Digital Wellness Program

Perhaps you have noticed that your child:
  • Finds it hard to calm down
  • Has a lot of energy that can sometimes be misdirected
  • Lacks focus
  • Is hard to get to sleep
  • Lacks confidence
  • Isn’t as happy as they used to be
  • Can sometimes say some mean things to other children
  • Finds it challenging to express what they are feeling
  • Gets stressed very easily
  • Feels anxiety and overwhelm

Your child after the Ginger Digital Wellness Program

Through this program your child will:

  • have a greater awareness of their feelings
  • learn mindfulness techniques
  • learn tools to regulate their nervous system
  • cultivate empathy
  • understand the stress response
  • learn techniques for the healthy release of excess energy and stress
  • know what it feels like to be courageous and confident
  • learn to use creative visualisations
  • have an increased understanding of the emotion of anger
  • learn appropriate skills to process anger
  • learn to accept and love themselves for who they are

So what is the Ginger Digital Wellness Program?

The only program in Australia that includes a musical theatre show focussing on emotional well being for 3-7 year olds, supported by

nine entertaining and engaging stories that are presented in a partly animated, digital storybook with embedded wellness concepts and tools

an album of songs and guided visualisations,

an inspiring guide book for parents with posters.

a program for schools so that everyone can be on the same page.

Our aim is to create a foundation for connected, confident, compassionate and creative kids. Familiar habits will be established plus a dialogue between adults and children about emotional and physical wellbeing through entertainment, story, movement, music, and mindfulness. .

If you’d like to start your journey with us,

Now is your chance to:
  • create quality time with your child that entertains and engages you both.
  • supports your family to connect with their feelings and be kind, compassionate and confident.
  • share a common language around emotional health and techniques that help everyone.

You Know

  • that early childhood is the most critical time in a child’s life
  • how hard parenting can be and feel guilty that you sometimes are not the best version of you
  • you have had trouble finding age appropriate tools for your young child to support their emotional development
  • that that in recent times it’s been tough on our children, many experiencing natural disasters and covid lockdowns
  • that the world is so fast paced and can be very stressful for young children
  • that to engage your children in anything for more than ten minutes it needs to be fun, interactive, entertaining and creative.
  • that the demands of the education system can be very overwhelming for some children


Ready to start your journey with Ginger’s night time routine?

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I’d love the Ginger the Frog Wellness Program right now!

Now Is The Time To

  • Support your whole family to understand their emotions
  • Entertain your children whilst teaching them skills for life
  • Calm down your nervous system and that of your children
  • Have fun together as a family
  • Support your children to be confident and resilient
  • Bring more joy, harmony and kindness into your home

Ready to start your journey with Ginger’s night time routine?

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